Velashape S1


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1. Rollers to achieve a mechanical massage
We have two handles, big handle and small handle and the big one with two rollers to achieve an obvious result of mechanical squeezing effect especially the XF-Ⅰ rollers with spiral structure to better and faster the massage of the skin tissue. Rollers with mechanical massage effect which can (massage and promotion) improve the metabolism to eliminate the metabolic wastes, dead cells and other wastes so this can also promote the tissue micro-circulations to have the skin looking good and regaining the skin texture and eliminating the piling up of skin fat. In addition the spiral rollers with massage function can have the skin and muscle to fully rest and relax so to release the pain and fatigue of the muscle and skin while at the same time the red light emits in the handle can also have to patient to feel better during treatment.
2. Vacuum to suck and promote the skin.
The maximum of the vacuum is 8kg which can have the skin sucked and promoted in different level and have the energy better delivered to the subcutaneous tissue(fat tissue layer) so this can can also accelerate the blood circulation and partial skin tissue metabolism.The release and suction of the handle can have the skin and muscle rest and relax to the maximum so to eliminate the fatigue of skin and muscle tissue and the red light can also have the patients feel good during the whole treatment.
3. 650nm red light and other infrared light
The handle emits 650nm red light (maximum 20W )can penetrate the whole skin layer, expand the vessel to faster blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to improve oxyhemoglobin saturation in the treated area. The 650nm red light can also accelerate the metabolism in the fat layer in the skin and so as to eliminate the fat cells in the skin which is good for losing weight and body shaping.
4. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology to explode the fat cells
The handle that uses to explode fat cells is using the 40KHz high intensity focused ultrasound to deliver strong sound wave to hit the fat cells in a fast speed and then the fat cells will produce lots of air void to strongly hit the fat cells so they will explode from the inner side. Then the triglyceride will turn into glycerinum and aliphatic acid and then the 1MHZ radio frequency will have the dissolved glycerinum and aliphatic acid will be eliminated from the body. Lastly the red light will also help to explode the fat cells and have the skin contracted so as to achieve a result of losing weight and body shaping.1MHZ treatment handle can be used with product like slimming gel, slimming paste, essence and so on to promote the absorption of product to achieve a better result of body shaping.

5.Radio Frequency Technology
Radio frequency technology is called RF in short and it will work on the skin and heat the dermal skin layer up to 45℃-65℃ so the collagen fiber will be contracted and the skin will be lifted with the contraction of dermal layer while at the same time the growth of collagen will also be accelerated so the skin will retrieve the tightness and elasticity then the purpose of skin tightening and wrinkle removal is achieved.



1.Safe and non-invasive with high security which is suitable for every skin type.
2.Adopted advanced vacuum technology to promise the long lasting result and no serious pain will be caused so the treatment is enjoyable.
3.Non-invasive with no wounds caused so there is no need of time for recovery.
4.Low noise technology with two branded pumps from famous manufacturer to make sure strong vacuum with low noise.
5.Adjustable vacuum strengths and frequency to promise a treatment with pleasure.
6.Super slimming machine with 4 technologies combined :laser ultrasound vacuum and red light
7.Comfortable wound free and pain free during the treatment.
8.Easy to learn and operate.
9.No disposable spare parts with low cost and high profits.
10.Can be used with many product to not only enhance the result but also the confidence of the doctor so one can promote service to patients
11.Adopted advanced vacuum and rollers which is the leading technology among other competitors in the beauty equipment.