6-in-1 Hair Regrowth Machine with Hair & Skin Analyzer


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What does the 6-in-1 Hair Regrowth Machine with Hair & Skin Analyzer have to offer?

650nm laser and 630nm PDT can enhance the activity of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) of subcutaneous tissue, and ATP is the main energy transmission medium between cells which help to encourage the metabolism of the tissue . So 650nm laser and 625nm PDT help to enhance blood flow and make oxygen and nutrient send to the hair follicles, and 808nm laser will help solution penetration, as a result, it achieves the efficacy of halting the progression of hair loss.



BRAND NEW 6-in-1 Hair Regrowth Machine with Hair & Skin Analyzer

Accelerates blood circulation to improve regeneration ability of collagen fibers and promotes metabolism.Judy

What accessories does this machine have?

1.Hair & Skin Analyzer

2. Oxygen spray pen

3. Medicine Sprayer

4. Microcurrent Massage Comb

5. Laser

Treatment Results:
· Increase Hair Density – 40%- 60%
· success rate in halting the progression of hair loss—85%

Product Features: 
– Lasers and PDT lights;
– Complementary Medicine: Minoxidil;
– Easy To Operate;
– Comfortable Treatment Process;
– Remarkable Results.
– Machine Size:1630*550*500mm(H*L*W)
– Package Size:1650*580*580 mm(H*L*W)Net
– Weight: 35kg
– Gross Weight: 55kg


Why chose our machine?

1. We have been focusing on producing traditional beauty machines since 2007.

2. Flexible combination of handles according to customer demand.

3. Select the handles you like and remove the handles you don’t like.



Hair & Skin Analyzer


Analyzes the hair follicle and hair.  Stores patients treatment dates.

Before & After: following the results

Oxygen spray pen The oxygen spray pen can generate saline spray by the airflow generated from the Hair Regrowth Therapy machine and do simple cleaning and disinfection treatment on the scalp.
Medicine Sprayer Spray Hair Care Solution like Minoxidil solution into the hair follicles after cleaning the scalp, before treatment.
Microcurrent Massage Comb There are Red light and Electrodes on the massage comb.

► 600-700 nm Red Light generated through a special filter can increase cell metabolism , improve body immune system;
► The Microcurrent generated by the electrodes can accelerate the vessel open on the scalp.

 Laser Helmet Red Light: Makes cell activity increased, promotes cells metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation,
control oil secretion.

Yellow Light: with wavelength 580 nm it can ease and treat sensitive skin effectively.

Blue Light: kills hair pathogenic bacteria effectively, kills the hidden fungi and mites deep in the hair follicles.

Routine Maintenance:

1. Warranty period of the product is 1 year, does not include the parts(handles) of the machine.
2. If the machine needs to be repaired, buyer has to pay the delivery fee.
3. Regular upkeep is not required for this product.


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