Premium Range – VelaSculpture – Vaccum + 940nm Near-Infrard Laser + Bipolar RF + Rollers


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4 Technologies in 1 Machine –
Vaccum + 940nm Near-Infrard Laser + Bipolar RF + Rollers
1).Infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating skin and RF energy penetrates deeply into connective tissue to increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating skin.
2).Vacuum plus specially designed rollers manipulate leads RF penetration to be even 5-15mm.  Nip and stretch fibrillar connective tissue greatly improvs body contouring effect.
3).The technology that vacuum folds skin makes RF energy penetrate a specific folded skin, greatly improve effect and safety, even for the upper eyelid area treatment.
Body Contouring
Cellulite Removal
Body Slimming
Circumference Reduction
Skin tightening
Face Lifting
Wrinkle removal
Skin Texture & Tone



1. Non-surgical treatment
No injection no wound no drugs no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.
2. Safety
It selectively takes effects on the target fat cells destroying the fat cells thoroughly and then the facts cells are removed.
3. Intelligent design
Intelligent control touch operation visual interfaces Easy to learn safe and convenient. Instead of traditional plastic surgery can avoid sequela from the traditional surgery.
4. Comfortable
The whole treatment is comfortable no need to wear shape corset no down-time without any affects to normal life and work.
5. Efficient
After one treatment 2cm fat will be reduced after 3 treatments 5-8cm will be reduced remarkable slimming without bounce.