Premium Range – H8 808nm 3W Diode Laser


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The 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal
device is a high-end hair removal device, which
adopts the most advanced laser hair removal
technology in the world, and is currently the
best hair removal device in the beauty market.
Product advantages
1. Laser: Using the world’s top vertical stack
2. Efficient and stable refrigeration system. The
laser refrigeration system adopts constant
temperature cooling, which can ensure the
continuous operation of the whole system. The
air cooling + water cooling method can only
work continuously for 2-3 hours.
3. Uses contact sapphire cooling system, high
cooling conduction efficiency, making skin more
comfortable during treatments.
4. Intelligent water temperature control system:
avoids excessive water temperature changes
and damage to the handle.


Function principle
The 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal
system uses its unique long-pulse width laser
to penetrate the epidermis to the hair follicle.
According to the principle of selective light
absorption, the energy of the laser is
preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the
hair, and then the hair loses its ability to
During the treatment process, the system’s
unique sapphire dynamic cooling technology
anesthetizes the epidermis in a short period of
time, thereby ensuring that the epidermis will
not be burned and achieving painless, fast and
permanent hair removal.
Hair removal Functions:
Effectively removes excess hair from various
parts of the body, such as underarm hair, lip
and chin hair, bikini line, and body hair.
Skin rejuvenation:
Shrink pores, lightens skin

Technical Parameters
Light type: semiconductor laser
Laser wavelength: 808nm/755nm/1064nm
Working frequency: 1–10Hz
Adjustable Laser power: 220V 300W

Operating language: English (language can be
Output mode: pulse output
Refrigeration system: water cooling + air
cooling constant temperature cooling
Shell material: ABS plastic + metal Power
Supply voltage: AC220V; AC110V
Handle temperature: -10 to -5℃



Permanent Removal of unwanted hair on the different parts of human body.
Remove all Skin type (I-VI) & hair colours and textures.

Laser Type Diode Laser H8
Wavelength 808nm/808nm+760nm+1064nm
Energy 1-120J/cm2
Treatment head Sapphire crystal
Pulse Duration 1-400ms (adjustable)
Repetition Rate 1-10 Hz
Interface 10.4
Output power 2000W
Spot Size 12×12mm/12×24mm
Cooling system Water chiller cooling system + Air 

cooling system + Sapphire touch cooling

Power Supply
Dimension 410*460*520mm
G.W. 50 KG
1.5 million shots on handle
2.Specialized and powerful water chiller(TEC cooling) to reduce the temperature very fastno laser bar burned keep working 12 hours non stop.
3.All the wires have code that means the standard production and convenient maintenance.
4.The USB and SD connector is added conveniently for the program updated by customers yourself.